Dr. Elson Haas’ Top 10 Ways to Better Health

Today I’m posting a top ten list by Dr. Elson M. Haas. I first encountered the work of Dr. Haas when I was in nutrition school. He had written our main textbook called Staying Healthy With Nutrition, a monster text that detailed every property of every known nutrient, how much the average person needs daily delineated by age, how that figure relates to the RDA and much more. It was massive and every page was gold (if you’re into orthomolecular nutrition like I am, anyway). Right away I knew this guy was a top rate doctor and nutritionist. He even co-wrote the Vitamins For Dummies volume. Haas currently runs the Preventive Medical Center of Marin, an integrated healthcare facility in San Rafael, California.

This list is Haas’ 10 Ways to Better Health – 10 simple and straight forward tips to get you in better health. Of particular interest is that half of the list doesn’t deal with food, exercise or adequate rest but with emotion and communication. It’s well known in holistic health circles that one’s health is inextricably tied to one’s emotional patterns and patterns of expression. Some systems have even detailed ties between emotional disposition and specific disease states, but that’s a topic for a different post.

Some of the list may seem kind of obvious to you – there aren’t any jaw-droppers here that you haven’t previously encountered. But as you look at each entry individually ask yourself, “Is this something that I do?” You might be surprised at the number that aren’t part of your daily regimen despite knowing their importance (number 6 is a big one for me!). Remember, knowing these simple tips isn’t enough – they need to be applied to make any kind of difference in your life.

OK, here’s the list:

10 Ways to Better Health (Dr. Elson Haas)

1. Chew your food well and take time to nourish yourself. Eat a balanced diet of wholesome, natural foods.

2. Drink one to two glasses of good water several times a day; first thing in the morning and about half an hour before meals are the best times.

3. Don’t overeat or eat too much food after nightfall, and definitely not much at all within two-three hours before sleep.

4. Exercise regularly, finding a balance of strengthening, stretching and aerobic activities that will help you generate good tone, flexibility and endurance.

5. Sleep well and rest at least 6-8 hours nightly as your body seems to require.

6. Learn to relax and let go of stressful thoughts and frustrating emotions.

7. Work at communicating both your thoughts and your feelings clearly with your friends, co-workers and loved ones.

8. Really try not to say things out of anger when you have differences with another; remember your words can hurt as much as your actions.

9. Keep your attitude UP and try to see the best in your work and your life; if things are not going well, work at improving them.

10. Love yourself and let love in your life; learn to express the wonderful ways you feel about everyone around you!

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  1. Jeff Post author

    As a man of 62 I have for many years carried out the ten points in your list more or less.
    I’ve been a runner [not jogger] for over
    thirty years,and “hanging” with positive like minded folks
    and constantly challenging myself by entering races has kept me sharp,combined with close attention to human relationships plus being VERY aware of what I eat,I believe is keeping me healthy and HAPPY !——— and REALLY try to develop a sense of HUMOUR if you can.——-
    The human condition requires a sense of the ridiculous,—
    learn to love/laugh at yourself!——- keep a balance,keep
    a healthy body !——- keep a healthy attitude of mind.

  2. Carina Post author

    I have found #’s 4,6,7, and 8 difficult to maintain in trying circumstances. I am aware of some of this list and have tried to do most of the suggestions. I am glad to see two glasses of water listed, as the eight usually recommended is unrealistic.

  3. Edward Post author

    I am already 78 years old, working 6 out of 7 days every week. Probably violated most, probably 9 of the 10 points. While I am working to improve No 9, I am a total failure at, not that I am not trying, but the world and people changed around me beyond my compassion.
    The best I can suggest, choose your father and mother, which is obviously not possible. So, just carry on, be happy if you can in this upside world knowing lots of more BAD things heading our way.
    Do you believe in Eternity? Start now.

  4. Brian Post author

    After reading Dr. Elson M Haas 10 ways of better health, I am very fortunate as I always have believed that life should be followed that way. I suffered a very bad car accident when I was 19 and by all medical accounts should be paralyzed from the waist down along with 50/50 chance of awakening from life threatening internal bleeding, God willing I did. I was basically told that I will be in the Hospital for a minimum of 8 to 10 weeks , with a bit of determination, positive outlook I was out in three weeks.Upon telling people about this the first response is your are very lucky , which I cant dispute, however they also say it was a very unfortunate to have this happen to you. Now that I am 43 I stay in very good shape due to the steel rods in my back , play sports, and live a very active Life. I believe in some ways it was fortunate, as once you have had a near death experience everything from that point on is a bonus and even the stressful parts of everyday life are quickly erased by simply remembering that it could have been worse.
    My advise would be Life is short and precious, Dr Haas list certainly makes a strong foundation for a positive, good life.

  5. Lipotropic complex Post author

    These are some excellent health advices and I have to admit that I am familiar with most of them but for some reasons I don’t have a good control of these rules. Now I discovered natural vitamins and I want to have a good nutritional diet, I feel like I need it.

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