How to get rid of ingrown hairs


Do you need to know how to get rid of ingrown hair? Ingrown hairs look ugly and cause discomfort. Removal of these hairs can be painful, so it is best to take action and prevent them from growing into. Proper skin care can help you avoid this. Regularly exfoliate and moisturize the skin, so you reduce the risk of those annoying bumps. However, if nevertheless you have any ingrown hairs, they can be removed using only simple tools that you have them for sure to have at home. So, how to remove ingrown hairs on skin with the help of home remedies.

Wash the area around the ingrown hairs with cleanser or gel for sensitive skin, to cleanse the skin of dirt and bacteria. Otherwise, after the removal of hairs, the pores can be infected.

Put on a bump, where do you think is hiding ingrown hairs, warm damp cloth or towel. You should do it for as long as from the bump will not show up the tip of the hair. When the fabric has cooled down again, dip it in hot water to heat. It may take a few minutes. Keep a maximum of 10 minutes. If 10 minutes have passed, and you still cannot see the hair, stop. Perhaps it is a pimple, and not the ingrown hair.

Tools for removing hairs sterilize with alcohol. You can use a needle, if you have a steady hand, and you are accustomed to using a needle to extract, such as splinters. If not, use the tweezers with sharp tips. Do not try to make it with an ordinary pair of tweezers, most likely, you will not catch the ingrown hair. If possible, try not to pull on the hair. Just try to remove it from the skin, so it ended up in a natural position.

Again, wash the area around the hair. To prevent inflammation, lubricate the skin with hydrogen peroxide.

Tips: Try before you resort to extreme measures to treat skin with scrub. Sometimes, exfoliation of the skin helps the hairs to get on the surface of the skin without forceps or needles.

Try not to remove ingrown hairs, unless it is not so necessary. There is always a probability of damage to the skin with a needle or tweezers, and cause an infection. It is much wiser to pay more attention to the procedure of hair removal, to avoid ingrown hairs. Permanently remove the hair, for example, using a laser – a good opportunity to get rid of the problem of ingrown hairs.

So, now you know how to remove ingrown hairs on skin with the help of home remedies. Yes, you can do it at home, independently, but please remember that in case of complications, you should immediately contact a doctor, because in some cases, you may require some of the special tool that for sure will not be available at home. The doctor will have all the necessary tools for removing the ingrown hair in a more secure way, it will help you avoid infections and bacteria. Take care of you!