Prostate Milking – The Medical Procedures

The designated doctor prostate massage can be both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Stories of use for more than a hundred years, however popular it had yet to become: In the popular perception is nothing more humiliating (and thus painful) medicine has failed to create …

Meanwhile, the effectiveness of prostate milking (Urology Massage) – an indisputable fact. A high level of professionalism of doctor’s medical center allows you to perform this procedure safely. Qualitatively, a massage of the prostate increases the chances of restoring a normal sexual life of the men’s.

  • Appointed massage urological with suspected prostatitis . Highlight of the prostate, resulting Massage, studied in the laboratory. Results of the analysis – the basis for the appointment of adequate treatment of the patient.
  • The treatment of prostatitis massage urological deservedly occupies an important place. All new methods of treatment of this disease must include a massage of the prostate gland. Talking about the noticeable effectiveness of treatment without making the patient urological massage, but fall…
  • Usually, prostate massage is appointed by the detection of chronic bacterial prostatitis, possibly in the form of asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis, and for symptoms of chronic pelvic pain.
  • There are, however, and contraindications for massage of the prostate gland. Not being prostate massage during the acute phase of infectious prostatitis, and it is contraindicated for prostate cancer. Stones and cystic formation of the prostate, as well as the phenomenon of urination disordersand do not allow you to designate urological massage.
  • Perform prostate massage technique is readily available for development, but the responsibility in the implementation. Done massage urological hand, dressed in a rubber glove, with mandatory application of the index finger anesthetic. The finger is introduced into the anus, feels the prostate gland, is a soft pressure.
  • Produced based action is the selection of secretion of the prostate. Ably conducted prostate massage pain.
  • The result made the right urological massage is to improve circulation in the prostate, enhancing muscle tone of the prostate; recovery (sometimes – after a few treatments of massage Urology) patency of ducts; decongesting in the pelvic organs.
  • Intensification circulation enhances the therapeutic effect of drug therapy against bacterial prostatitis.
  • The unique structure of the prostate causes the effectiveness of massage of the prostate. Massage effects on any other infected body is likely to lead to the spread and deepening of the inflammatory process, but for prostate massage practitioners.

The main condition that must be respected when performing prostate massage – high training physician urologist, the generating process. Only a qualified expert to do prostate massage safely and efficiently.