Strep Throat Remedies for Safe Relief

Strep throat is basically a bacterial infection, caused by streptococcus bacteria. This bacteria cause inflammation in tonsils and pharynx. This disease is contagious and transmitted easily from one person to another. Remember: there occur a difference between soar throat and strep throat as the basic cause of soar throat is a virus but of strep throat is a bacterium. However the symptoms of strep throat are more dangerous and harsh as compared to the sore throat. In very severe condition strep throat leads to skin rashes, vomiting, headache and loss of appetite. Almost 7 days are required for the treatment. The most preferred treatment of soar throat is by the use of natural remedies as; they don’t have any side effects. This article will discuss some strep throat remedies, which can be easily used by any one to reduce the disease and its symptoms.

The first remedy among the natural strep throat remedies requires the use of honey. Honey is the most popular soothing agent and has anti inflammatory effects. Take a tea spoon of honey add 3 to4  drops of ginger juice in it and mix it well with your finger tip now add a pinch of black pepper powder in it and mix well. After making this mixture, swallow it and take this mixture two times daily till the disease got treated. Try to take hot tea two times a day, adding half slice of ginger in the tea, while making it can also enhance the soothing effect of tea. You can also use honey instead of sugar while drinking tea, it will also help to relive strep throat faster.

Lemon grass and green tea can also be used as a natural remedy to treat strep throat. This is the most common treatment used among all the strep throat remedies and is used in almost every home. Chamomile tea is also used for the purpose of relieving strep throat. The use of green tea and chamomile tea is encouraged because they reduce dehydration and minimize the inflammation of soft tissues present in the throat. Chicken soup can also among the top strep throat remedies. Chicken soup can help reduce the inflammation and sooth the throat and the pain of throat is reduced in return.

Using salt water for gargling can also be used for soothing the throat. For making solution of salt in water take one teaspoon of salt and dissolve it in the boiled or mineral water and use this solution of gargling. During the condition of strep throat the excess mucous clogs the airways and this leads to difficulty in breathing. This condition can be relived with the help of saline sprays that are easily available in the market

To cure strep throat you must keep the temperature of the room warm because the particular bacteria causing this disease grow well at low temperature, so never expose yourself to cold and keep your self covered. Cold drinks and other fizzy drinks must be avoided during the strep throat condition because they will enhance the inflammation of throat and you will suffer from more pain and irritation. So try the above mentioned remedies for the safe cure of strep throat.